Narrow Healds

Narrow Healds empower clean and easy weaving. There are high quality  hardened stainless steel Inox and carbon steel strips raw material used.

5 copy

  •     Specifications of Narrow Healds
  •     Horizontal Prophecy Surface.
  •     Cutting — Edge High Resistive Quality.
  •     Prolonged Existence.
  •     Stainless Steel Narrow Healds.
  •     Carbon Steel Nickel plated Narrow Healds.
  •     Narrow Healds
  •     Clutter – Sale on Needle Loom.
  •     Aquatic Jumbo jet Narrow Healds.

We are the most reputed manufacturer and suppliers of Textile Machinery Parts in India which are mainly used in Textile Machinery. We offer the wide range of different types of products such as Narrow Healds, Healds for Narrow Fabric and Narrow Fabric Healds at very affordable rates.


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